Six reasons you should consider taking a class at Kellogg Community College, according to ChatGPT

An aerial view of KCC's North Avenue campus in Battle Creek.

Artificial intelligence technology company OpenAI released its AI chatbot ChatGPT last week and it’s since taken the tech world by storm. The model — currently in a free-to-use “research preview” stage — allows users to interact in a dialogue with… Continue Reading

What sets KCC’s Photography and Multimedia Program apart from other programs?

A female student uses a camera on a tripod.

World Photography Week kicks off Aug. 19 with World Photography Day, an international celebration of the art and practice of photography. Below, Kellogg Community College Photography and Multimedia Program professor Ryan Flathau answers some questions about what sets KCC’s program… Continue Reading

KCC expands service-learning endorsement to all degree programs

Kellogg Community College this fall is expanding its innovative service-learning endorsement to all students seeking to earn an associate degree at the College. Beginning in 2012, a service-learning endorsement requiring at least 15 hours of service-learning experience tied to a… Continue Reading