KCC trustees, foundation directors elect new officers

Headshot photos of KCC Board of Trustees Chairman Steve Claywell and KCC Foundation Board of Directors Chairwoman Kathy-Sue Dunn.

The Kellogg Community College Board of Trustees and Kellogg Community College Foundation Board of Directors this month elected new officers.

At its regular meeting Wednesday, July 16, the Board of Trustees unanimously elected Steve Claywell as chairman, Jill Booth as vice chairwoman, Matt Davis as treasurer and Reba Harrington as secretary. Other members of the publicly elected Board of Trustees include Jonathan Byrd, Brian Hice and Julie Camp Seifke.

During its July 8 meeting, the KCC Foundation Board, which provides oversight of the nonprofit scholarship organization, elected Kathy-Sue Dunn as chairwoman, Jon Melges as vice chairman, Steve Claywell as secretary and Rick Scott as treasurer. Other appointed members of the Foundation Board of Directors include Mike Beckwith, Dennis Bona, Jill Booth, Matt Davis, John Dilworth, Eric Greene, Brenda Hart, Mark O’Connell, Joe Schwarz, Andrew Schweitzer and Erick Stewart. The executive director of the Foundation is Teresa Durham.

Dr. Dennis Bona, president of the College and president of the KCC Foundation Board, said he looks forward to working with the leaders of both organizations in the coming years to provide an excellent college education to thousands of area students.

“The KCC team, which includes our board leaders and employees, is moving forward with ambitious plans for growth and improvement at the College and within the Foundation,” Bona said. “Our board officers in particular are vital in creating the energy required to achieve our goals.”

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