KCC Stories: CNA training is the first step to a health career for high school senior Adonna Montgomery

CNA student Adonna Montgomery.

When 18-year-old Adonna Montgomery completes her CNA training at Kellogg Community College later this month, the W.K. Kellogg Preparatory High School senior will have the opportunity to begin her career in health care before she even graduates from high school.

Since January, Montgomery has been dual enrolling in a specially designed, 11-week Nursing Assistant Training course at KCC for high school students. She says she’s known she wanted to become a CNA since she was in sixth grade and her great-grandmother was in the hospital.

“I always knew I wanted to be in the medical field, but I didn’t know exactly why yet,” Montgomery says. “But being with her through that time opened my eyes to what I would be interested in.”

Montgomery chose to study CNA at KCC because the training is offered close to home in Battle Creek and because she has family who had gone through the program and recommended it as an option for a good, early start for her career.

Her experience in the program has been great, Montgomery says, and she’d recommend the program to anyone interested in becoming a CNA.

“Ms. Pam and Ms. Tracy are great instructors. If you don’t know something they will make sure you know it before you leave,” Montgomery says. “They’re also very easy to talk to and work with.”

After completing the CNA Program, Montgomery hopes to find a job and also continue her schooling. Ultimately, she’d like to become a pediatric nurse.

“Being a CNA right now is an amazing first step in the door,” Montgomery says.

CNA Training at KCC

Train to be a CNA at KCC! Nursing Assistant Training Program courses are held year-round on KCC campuses in Albion, Battle Creek, Coldwater and Hastings. Visit www.kellogg.edu/cna for more information.

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