Here’s a list of accounting classes offered at KCC this summer

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Interested in accounting? Here’s a list of the four accounting (ACCO) classes offered at Kellogg Community College during the Summer 2018 semester. For a complete list of Summer 2018 semester classes offered at KCC, visit and click on “Class Schedules” in the top menu to search for sections.

ACCO 101: General Accounting (4 Credits)

Students will learn about financial accounting procedures with emphasis on the accounting cycle. Apply internal controls to an accounting system, account for cash, accounts receivable, bad debts, inventories, long-lived assets, current liabilities and payroll. Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) will be applied.

ACCO 102: General Accounting (4 Credits)

This accounting class will expand the student’s knowledge of financial accounting. They will prepare a cash flow statement and be introduced to managerial and cost accounting while learning how they are used in management decision making. Students will be introduced to analyzing and interpreting financial statements.

ACCO 205: Computerized Accounting (4 Credits)

An accounting course designed to give the student a hands-on experience processing financial records using a general ledger software package. Through the use of business projects, the student will become proficient in the use of accounts receivable, accounts payable, inventory, payroll, fixed assets and general ledger. All projects will be completed using a Windows-driven software package.

ACCO 251: Cost Accounting (4 Credits)

Cost accounting is the branch of accounting that deals with the planning, measurement and control of costs. While all types of businesses (service, merchandising and manufacturing) must have accurate and reliable cost information, the traditional focus of cost accounting has been on manufacturing costs and activities. Manufacturing is the transforming of raw materials into finished products by incurring factory costs. To reinforce the principles of cost accounting, the student will complete a practice set for a manufacturing company.

The first Summer 2018 classes start May 14, and the semester ends Aug. 8. For information about signing up for summer classes, visit For information about KCC’s Accounting Program, visit