KCC Journalism Camp: Sixth grader Zoey Ellison talks about her future

A portrait of KCC Journalism and News Writing Camp camper Zoey Ellison shot by fellow camper Gillian Gallup.

Editor’s note: The following profile was written by 12-year-old Union City Middle School sixth grader Gillian Gallup as part of Kellogg Community College’s Journalism and News Writing Camp, running July 23 through 26 on the College’s North Avenue campus in Battle Creek. Gallup also shot the above portrait of her profile subject Zoey Ellison during the camp.

By Gillian Gallup

Zoey Ellison is a 10-year-old sixth grader at Pennfield Middle School.

Ellison has fairly large family with two brothers and two sisters and a dog named Izzy. In her spare time, Ellison likes to dance and do gymnastics. When she is an adult she would like to be a photographer, but she’s not quite sure what college she wants to go. She would like to get a master’s degree.

When asked where she might live when she’s older, Ellison said, “I plan on living with my family in Florida when I am an adult, but that depends on my photography job.”

Ellison hopes to have one to three kids and that they will share her love of spaghetti.

Currently, Ellison’s favorite color is teal, but she wouldn’t like anything teal-colored as an adult.

Overall, Ellison hopes to be a very successful person in life.

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