International Studies student Victoria Elyea is a world traveler

Kellogg Community College student Victoria Elyea.

Kellogg Community College student Victoria Elyea is pursuing a degree in International Studies at KCC and wants to travel the world.

The 2011 Marshall High School graduate first developed an interest in learning about different cultures when she lived in Florida for a year, realizing she needed to learn basic Spanish to communicate with customers who would come into the store she worked at.

“Communicating with people in their native/first language was a wonderful experience and it is something I wanted to continue doing for the rest of my life,” Elyea said.

Elyea, now 25, dual enrolled at KCC through the Calhoun Area Career Center when she was in high school. When she moved back home from Florida, she decided to attend KCC because she was already familiar with the campus.

KCC was there to help her get back on track and figure out her next steps, Elyea said.

“My KCC experience has been nothing short of incredible,” she said. “My professors are encouraging and are here to see me succeed, and the advising office has been with me every step of the way scheduling classes and guiding me through the transfer process.”

After she earns her associate degree at KCC, Elyea plans on attending the University of Michigan to continue studying international studies and Italian.

“My dream goals are to study and work in Italy, be an interpreter, become fluent in three different languages and work in the tourism business,” she said.

Outside of the classroom, Elyea works three jobs. She’s a hostess at Grand River Brewery in Marshall, is an Herbalife health coach for the Battle Creek and Marshall areas and is a student receptionist in KCC’s Academic Advising office.

Elyea has traveled to several countries including Mexico, Canada, Australia and Italy, and plans to travel to many more. She recently traveled to Greece as part of KCC’s INTL 210: International Travel — Culture class and said she would go again in a heartbeat.

“The trip to Greece, and traveling in general, is well worth the investment,” Elyea said. “I have learned more through travel than I have in a classroom. The world we see in the media, dangerous and scary, is not the same world you would experience when traveling. The world is a beautiful place. I highly encourage people go and experience it.”

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