After dual enrolling at KCC, Andres Carmona is pursuing bachelor’s, master’s degrees at Lawrence Tech

Dual-enrolled KCC student and Hastings senior Andres Carmona

Kellogg Community College first profiled Andres Carmona in 2016 in a post on the KCC Daily and in a series of photos on social media — including on Instagram — while Carmona was a senior at Hastings High School.

At the time, Carmona was a dual-enrolled high school student active in high school soccer and track and serving as a member of the National Honor Society and Interact Club, among other activities — not counting his studies at KCC.

Today, Carmona is staying similarly busy living in Metro Detroit. He’s working toward his Bachelor of Interior Architecture and Master of Architecture degrees at Lawrence Technological University, where he works in the admissions office with hopes to land a job at Steelcase in the future.

“My time at KCC was honestly a great one,” Carmona said recently. “At the time I began taking classes at the Hastings location, I wasn’t really sure what I was doing or why I was doing it. I guess I wanted that college feeling and college workload to get ready for the real thing after high school.”

And KCC did get him ready, to the point that he was able to transfer 15 college credits to LTU and jump ahead in his curriculum.

“I am now on track of completing my Master of Architecture and Bachelor of Interior Architecture in less than five and a half years!” Carmona said. “KCC has truly been a blessing in my educational path.”

Pictured above, Carmona poses for a photo during our 2016 photo shoot. 

Dual-enrollment at KCC

If you’re a high school student interested in dual enrolling at KCC, now is the time to start making plans for the future. Your first step is to talk to your high school counselor and ask them about dual-enrolling at KCC.

For more information about dual-enrollment at Kellogg Community College, visit or contact KCC’s Admissions office at at 269-565-2042 or

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