Yotox Yoga for Your Face and more: Upcoming Lifelong Learning yoga classes at KCC

Students do yoga during class at the Miller Gym

Kellogg Community College’s Lifelong Learning Department offers classes and workshops across a variety of subject areas for personal enrichment, without the pressure of homework, tests or grades.

Below is a list of upcoming yoga classes offered via KCC’s Lifelong Learning Department. All classes will be held at the location indicated on KCC’s campus at 450 North Ave. in Battle Creek.

Chair Yoga

1 to 2 p.m. Tuesdays and Thursdays, March 3 to May 7
Miller Physical Education Building
$59 (member), $75 (non-member)

Are you looking for a safe and effective yoga practice that doesn’t require getting up and down from the floor? If so, in this course, your instructor, Kim, will take you through a variety of chair exercises, which will gently stretch your muscles while putting you in a relaxed state. No yoga experience required.

NOTE: There will be no class held during KCC’s Spring Break for students, April 6 through 10.

Yoga for Stress Management

6 to 7 p.m. Tuesdays, March 10 to April 21
Room 109, Ohm Information Technology Center
$35 (member), $45 (non-member)

We all know that sometimes life is not easy, fair or fun. It can be messy, confusing and upsetting. Yet most of us are yearning for more peace, happiness and freedom from stress in our everyday lives.

Join us to discover how you can live a better life using restorative yoga practices. We’ll share supported poses and breathing exercises that will help you heal the effects of chronic stress and anxiety.

In this class you will experience gentle movements, guided meditation for relaxation, and you’ll learn ways to manage stress using yoga as your guide.

NOTE: There will be no class April 7.

Nighty-Night: Yoga Moves to Help You Sleep

6 to 7 p.m. Wednesday, April 1
Room 109, Ohm Information Technology Center
$20 (member), $30 (non-member)

We “spring ahead” this year on March 8, and you already know how it’s going to feel: Your entire system is operating as if it’s jet-lagged and your body just won’t adjust.

If the time change affects you in this way or if you suffer from stress, insomnia or lack of energy due to lost sleep, you can benefit from this class. We’ll practice simple breath awareness in supportive yoga poses to help release deep tension. As tension dissolves you’ll feel relaxed and ready for sleep.

Original Yoga: Rediscovering Hatha Yoga

6 to 7 p.m. Mondays, April 13 to May 18
Room 109, Ohm Information Technology Center
$29 (member), $49 (non-member)

The practice of yoga brings together the mind/body/spirit connection in a way that no other discipline does.

Hatha yoga is translated as “HA” meaning sun, active, hot, and “THA” meaning moon, receptive, cool. Together, these opposites create a path toward balance and unite opposites in body, mind and spirit. It will help you relax and focus, while gaining flexibility and strength.

Join us to discover the power of the original yoga, hatha yoga.

Yoga for Self-Care

6 to 7 p.m. Wednesdays, April 15 to May 20
Miller Physical Education Building
$29 (member), $39 (non-member)

Do you find yourself putting everybody else’s needs before your own? Our modern age can be very stressful with work, family and social obligations. At times it can feel overwhelming.

This gentle yoga class is designed to give you the opportunity to care deeply for yourself in the midst of your busy life. If you suffer from burnout, stress, anxiety or mild depression, you can benefit from this class.

We’ll focus on deep breathing, dynamic movement, and systematic relaxation. As tension dissolves you’ll feel refreshed, renewed and balanced.

Join us to nourish and nurture your body, mind and spirit.

Yin Yoga: A Restorative Practice

6 to 7 p.m. Tuesdays, April 28 to May 26
Room 109, Ohm Information Technology Center
$29 (member), $39 (non-member)

You can regain and maintain your physical, mental and emotional balance through yin yoga and its calming, healing approach. Take a break from the stress and the noise of life and enjoy a quiet yoga practice.

This slower-paced class offers long holds in passive postures, giving you the opportunity to relax in the posture and quiet your mind. The long holds also offer you deeper access to your body for a release of the deep connective tissue.

This slow meditative practice can help to calm the mind and body, lower stress levels and increase flexibility.

Yotox: Yoga for Your Face

6 to 7 p.m. Thursday, May 28
Room 109, Ohm Information Technology Center
$25 (member), $35 (non-member)

Really! We saw it first in O Magazine, and now we’re ready to bring it to you.

Yotox incorporates yoga poses, acupressure and breathing exercises that will bring tone and lift to your facial and neck muscles. Like the muscles in other parts of your body, your face muscles absorb and store a lot of stress and tension.

If you’re ready to have “vacation face” all the time, then you won’t want to miss this chance to discover easy ways to look more relaxed and younger. And it doesn’t involve needles, plastic or poison!

Please wear comfortable clothing and bring a yoga mat.


Registration for the above classes can be completed entirely online by clicking through the appropriate link in the class list above or via the links at www.kellogg.edu/lifelongfitnessRegistration can also be completed:

  • By phone by calling KCC’s Lifelong Learning Department at 269-965-4134 and registering with a credit or debit card
  • In person at the Lifelong Learning office in room 305 of the Lane Thomas Building on KCC’s North Avenue campus in Battle Creek

For more information about this or other KCC Lifelong Learning classes and events, email ll-info@kellogg.eduor call 269-965-4134.