Here’s a list of KCC classes offered in person this fall on the Grahl Center campus in Coldwater

KCC's Grahl Center campus in Coldwater.

Registration for the Fall 2021 semester at Kellogg Community College is open now! For information about signing up for fall classes, visit To apply to KCC online for free, visit

Kellogg Community College is offering nearly two dozen in-person or hybrid classes at the College’s Grahl Center campus in Coldwater and more than 200 industrial trades training modules at the Branch Area Careers Center this fall.

The Grahl Center campus is located at 125 Seeley St. in Coldwater, and can be contacted at 517-278-3300.

Fall Classes in Coldwater

KCC classes and programming offered in Coldwater this fall include:


  • ACCO 101: General Accounting (4 credits, in-person class)
  • ACCO 102: General Accounting (4 credits, in-person class)


  • ARGI 105: Agricultural Leadership (3 credits, in-person class)


  • ART 211: Art Appreciation (3 credits, in-person class)


  • BIOL 201: Human Anatomy (4 credits, in-person class)
  • BIOL 202: Human Physiology (4 credits, in-person class)

Business Administration

  • BUAD 101: Introduction to Business (3 credits, in-person class)


  • CHEM 100: Fundamentals of Chemistry (4 credits, in-person class)


  • COMM 110: Introduction to Communication (3 credits, in-person class)

Criminal Justice

  • CRJU 221: Ethical Problem Solving in Policing (3 credits, in-person class)


  • ECON 202: Principles of Economics – MICRO (3 credits, in-person class)


  • ENGL 151: Freshman Composition (3 credits, in-person class)

First Year Seminar

  • FYS 101: First Year Seminar (1 credit, in-person class)


  • GEOG 100: Physical Geography (4 credits, in-person class)

Industrial Electricity and Electronics

  • INEL: 100 Industrial Electricity and Electronics modules offered at the Branch Area Careers Center

Industrial Machining Technology

  • INMT: More than 70 Industrial Machining Technology modules offered at the Branch Area Careers Center

Industrial Technology

  • INT: Nearly 40 Industrial Technology modules offered at the Branch Area Careers Center


  • MATH 102: Practical Algebra (4 credits, in-person class)

Office Information Technology

  • OIT 130: Office Procedures/Keyboarding 1 (4 credits, in-person class)


  • PSYC 201: Introduction to Psychology (3 credits, hybrid class)


  • SERV 200: Service-Learning (3 credits, in-person and hybrid classes)


  • SOCI 201: Introduction to Sociology (3 credits, in-person class)

Transitional Studies – English

  • TSEN 95: Writing Improvement (3 credits, in-person class)

Transitional Studies – Mathematics

  • TSMA 45: Pre-Algebra (3 credits, in-person class)

Online Programs

In addition to offering classes on campuses in Coldwater, Albion, Battle Creek and Hastings, KCC is offering more than 120 classes online across a wide variety of academic subjects this fall. KCC students also have the opportunity to earn five associate degrees through KCC almost entirely online.

Online degree programs offered at KCC include:

Students in each program have the opportunity to complete all coursework entirely online for the duration of the program, with the exception of the fieldwork requirements that are part of the ECE Program. Additionally, select testing and exams must be proctored at a testing location approved by KCC.

For information about how to apply to these online programs, contact KCC’s Admissions office at 269-965-4153 or

How to Register for Classes

For a complete list of Fall 2021 semester classes, visit and click on “Class Schedules” in the top menu to search for sections.

PLEASE NOTE: Many students taking an online course at KCC for the first time will have to complete the College’s 20-minute Online Learner Orientation. Click here for details.

The first Fall 2021 classes start Aug. 30, and the semester ends Dec. 17. For information about signing up for fall classes, visit first step is to apply to KCC; to apply online for free, visit

Students are encouraged to meet with an academic advisor prior to registering for classes. Schedule an appointment by emailing