KCC to offer new Exercise Science, Sports Management degrees starting this fall

A woman does exercises with ropes while a trainer encourages her from the side.

Students continuing their education at Kellogg Community College this fall have more options to choose from thanks to an expanded Physical Education initiative that includes two new associate degrees.

Starting with the Fall 2021 semester – which begins Aug. 30 – KCC will offer new Associate of Applied Science degrees in Exercise Science and Sports Management. Each new degree path consists of 60 credit hours of coursework designed to be completed over two years. Graduates can transfer to a four-year institution to continue toward a bachelor’s degree in the same or similar field of study or immediately enter into a career.

Students in each program will also have the opportunity to complete the following certifications in addition to their degree:

  • Medical First Responder
  • Personal Trainer
  • Sport Nutrition Specialist

More information about the new Exercise Science Program is available on the KCC website at kellogg.edu/exercisescience. More information about the new Sports Management Program is available at kellogg.edu/sportsmanagement.

The new programs are facilitated by Physical Education Program Coordinator Eierí Jordán Salivia. A Puerto Rico native and a former pro soccer player for the Romanian club Astra Ploiești, Salivia was executive director of the Kalamazoo Soccer Club and earned a master’s degree from the University of Minnesota before coming to KCC, where he’s been teaching Physical Education classes since 2018 and coached the women’s soccer team from 2018 through this past season.

Salivia said the new programs are “emerging degrees that are getting national and international attention due to the capacity sports have to unite communities, generate capital and prioritize wellness.”

“We have done the research, acquired the personnel, aligned priorities for the degrees, spoke with neighbor institutions and local sport-related organizations, and we are ready to offer two solid degrees that will boost anyone’s preparation before heading to the workforce,” Salivia said. “KCC is the right environment for sport studies because of the College commitment to the community and the current state of these industries in Battle Creek and surrounding areas. There are plenty of opportunities to join current businesses and/or create new ventures.”

Questions about KCC’s new PE degrees can be directed to Salivia at 269-565-2860 or saliviae@kellogg.edu. For general information about signing up for classes or other opportunities at KCC this fall, visit kellogg.edu/registration.

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