Q&A interview with Eve Hibbard, Student Representative to the KCC Board of Trustees

Eve Hibbard

Interview and photo by Krissy Stolz

Eve Hibbard, 19, of East Leroy, is a 2021 Graduate of St. Philip Catholic Central High School and the Battle Creek Area Mathematics and Science Center studying at Kellogg Community College with plans to transfer to Michigan State University to study biotechnology.

Hibbard, a KCC Foundation Board of Trustees Scholar, wears many hats at KCC. She’s president of Environment Club and Women’s Club, is a student worker for the Morris Library and Student Life, and is Student Representative to the KCC Board of Trustees.

Why did you choose to study biotechnology? What do you hope to do with your degree?

I took a biotech class back in BCAMSC and I was immediately in love with it, particularly its relationship to genetic engineering. I’ve always had a deep fascination with genetics and that grew when my cousin passed away due to an osteosarcoma in his leg caused by Li-Fraumeni syndrome, a genetic disease.

Why did you choose to attend KCC?

I chose to attend KCC mostly because of how affordable it was … especially when any cost that scholarships didn’t cover is coming out of my pocket. Another big reason was because most of my family has attended KCC. My sister Adrian Hibbard graduated from KCC in 2017 and my sister Irene Hibbard graduated from the Nursing Program last year. Both of my parents attended and met at KCC also, so choosing KCC was not only a financial but personal decision that I am very glad I made.

How did you find yourself in the role of Student Representative to the KCC Board of Trustees?

I was friends with Monica Feldpausch, the previous Student Representative. After talking with Terah Zaremba, the dean of Student Services, I was interviewed by Board Chair Steve Claywell and Interim President Watson, which I was a little nervous about. I was officially voted onto the Board through unanimous decision during the Sept. 21 Board meeting.

What about the role did you find interesting?

This is a very unique perspective of higher education that not all students get. I’m pretty involved in student affairs and being able to tell the people who run this institution exactly how amazing our students are is a privilege that I am very excited to have.

What is your favorite thing about your time here at KCC so far?

My favorite thing about KCC is how small and personal it is. It’s because of that intimacy that the staff are able to know students on a personal level, which is rare to find at larger colleges.

This article first appeared in the December 2022 Annual Report edition of BruIN magazine. To read the issue online visit kellogg.edu/bruinmagazine.