Remarks from KCC student Alexia Kryszewski from the KCC/GVSU articulation agreement signing event May 5

A student speaks at a podium during an event.

Editor’s note: Leaders from Kellogg Community College and Grand Valley State University March 5 signed an institutional articulation agreement to provide smoother transitions for KCC students who want to continue their education at GVSU. The following are remarks from KCC student and KCC Foundation Gold Key Scholar Alexia Kryszewski, who spoke at the event as a prospective GVSU transfer student.

Good morning everyone,

I am Alexia Kryszewski. I am a current Gold Key Scholar at Kellogg Community College. I have immersed myself into as many activities as my schedule allows. I am working on starting up the Education Club, found a role as secretary for the Kampus Activities Board and next year as a PTK officer, and I am super excited to volunteer with the Lifelong Learning kids camps here at KCC.

Ironically enough though, a now funny story about me is that I never even had community college on my radar. At one point I even was like, nope, not an option, because I was so dead set on a four-year university. All I saw was, “Best four years of your life,” in blinding lights. You know, the whole movie montage and falling in love with a campus. It wasn’t until I realized the movie scenes don’t include many realities.

Barriers to good education are very real for many people from all walks of life. From economics to class size. The fact community college exists and is so present in our communities is a true blessing for Battle Creek and all the areas it branches off into.

I actually work at a middle school as a paraprofessional. My students ask me, oh, where do you go to college? When I say KCC, they’re like, ohhhhhh, oh, oh, my mom or my brother or aunt goes there. Kellogg Community College truly empowers the community and is continuing to lay strong foundations in my higher education journey.

This agreement allows learners to transfer all their hard-earned credits here and not have to restart their education journey all over again. That factor truly is a make-or-break situation for many.

As for my personal journey, I am currently pursuing a degree in secondary education for mathematics. My first milestone in accomplishing that will be graduating with my Associate in Arts and completing the MTA next spring.

After that I am excited to announce that I plan to continue my learning and receive my bachelor’s degree and accomplish much more to come at Grand Valley State University. Grand Valley State University has done an outstanding job with their Battle Creek office. They are always there and willing to guide you at whatever point you are in your journey. As well as their Education program partnership with Battle Creek Community Schools. All in all, I am more than excited this opportunity is here for me now.

Connecting the college systems to make transferring a viable opportunity is truly impactful. KCC and GVSU are breaking down these barriers in education, which opens up a world of opportunity for so many students who wouldn’t have been able to have them otherwise.

It is truly something I am honored to celebrate with everyone here today. Thank you.

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