Dental hygienists from the first graduating dental hygiene class at KCC talk about their experiences

The above videos feature registered dental hygienists Sandra Barker and Gayle James, members of  Kellogg Community College’s first graduating class of dental hygiene students in 1972. The videos offer brief testimonials from the two women about the value of their education at the college.

“I was able to learn many things about different people, people from all walks of life,” Barker says in her testimonial of her time at Kellogg Community College. “I was able to explore many adventures at KCC and made lifelong friends. … I think that KCC is doing a wonderful job with the new students today teaching them all of the new trends in dentistry.”

James also praises her years at KCC in her testimonial.

“I have been so happy in my professional career,” James says. “I appreciate the skills that Kellogg Community College gave to me to prepare me for coming into the workforce. … I would encourage anyone that is interested in the dental field to pursue Kellogg Community College for their education.”

Both videos are courtesy of Diana Bonfiglio, director of Allied Health and the supervising dentist at Kellogg Community College.

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