Concert Tour of Ireland, Day 4: Dublin

Today marks the fourth day of the Kellogg Community College Choral Union’s Concert Tour of Ireland. Thirty-one individuals left for the country on July 4 as part of the tour’s entourage, including 21 members of the Choral Union.

Last night saw the choral area’s first-ever group international performance, in Cork at the Church of the Descent of the Holy Spirit. Here’s what Gerald Blanchard, professor of vocal music at KCC and director of the college ensembles whose members make up the Choral Union, had to say about the performance on the Kellogg Choirs blog:

“Cannot express the joy felt. We received a Cork Crystal plaque from our concert hosts and now friends at the Church of Descent. We received a standing ovation from the nearly 300 people in attendance. The Lord Mayor of Cork City was in attendance and gave us the most wonderful greeting of welcome. This was a fabulous day. Oh, the reception was equally fantastic. Kellogg Community College was well represented today. Tomorrow we are off to Dublin.”

Here is the group’s day four itinerary as provided by Blanchard before the group departed:


“After breakfast, we’ll make our way back to the glorious city of Dublin, capital of the Irish Republic. The city is situated on the banks of the River Liffey. Upon arrival, a panoramic tour will take us past the delicate ironwork tracery of Halfpenny Bridge and the tulip domes of Guinness Brewery. Other important monuments are the elegant Customs House, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, and the many sculptures of Dublin’s famous literary figures. Next we’ll check in at our hotel for a two-night stay. The remainder of the day will be at leisure. Dinner will be provided at the hotel tonight.”

Click here to view pictures of the Halfpenny Bridge, click here to view the Guinness Brewery, click here to view the Custom House, and click here to view St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

To follow news about the Choral Union as they continue on their Concert Tour of Ireland through July 10, continue to watch this blog for updates or check out our Facebook page and our Twitter feed. Blanchard also posts updates on the Kellogg Choirs blog at, as well as in his personal Twitter feed at