Concert Tour of Ireland, Day 6: Malahide

Today marks the sixth day of the Kellogg Community College Choral Union’s Concert Tour of Ireland. Thirty-one individuals left for the country on July 4 as part of the tour’s entourage, including 21 members of the Choral Union.

Here is the group’s day six itinerary as provided by Gerald Blanchard, professor of vocal music at KCC and director of the college ensembles whose members make up the Choral Union, before the group departed:


“We’ll begin this morning with a visit to Mellifont Abbey. Mellifont was the first Cistercian Monastery in Ireland, founded in 1142 by St. Malach of Armagh. We’ll then visit the mystic Hill of Tara. After time for independent lunch, we’ll make our way to Malahide. At 3 p.m. we’ll arrive at the Presbyterian Church of Malahide, where we’ll meet our host families. After time for rehearsal, there will be free time to walk to the nearby castle. At 5 p.m. we have been invited to a potluck supper at the church. After our evening concert performance, we’ll go home with our host families.”

Click here to visit the website for Mellifont Abbey, click here to view images of the Hill of Tara, and click here for information about the Presbyterian Church of Malahide.

The above photo taken at the Hill of Tara is from Flickr user Dima Mirkin (friendly terrorist), was found via the Flickr Creative Commons and is used under a Creative Commons license.

To follow news about the Choral Union as they continue on their Concert Tour of Ireland through July 10, continue to watch this blog for updates or check out our Facebook page and our Twitter feed. Blanchard also posts updates on the Kellogg Choirs blog at, as well as in his personal Twitter feed at