KCC produces summer edition of CareerFocus magazine

Kellogg Community College has partnered with CareerFocus magazine to publish an issue including information about employment, education, and the community partnerships that enable the college’s many programs to produce successful graduates who make positive contributions to their communities.

Articles include:

  • “The future doesn’t end at graduation: KCC’s Career and Employment Services Department helps students and alumni find jobs”
  • “The top 5 resume mistakes … and how to correct them”
  • “The top 5 dos and don’ts for a job interview”
  • “Yes, you can afford college: Understanding financial aid”
  • “A thousand words: CADD graduates use pictures to build the world”
  • “KCC grads care for you: Clinical experience with community partners leads to higher-quality health care”
  • “From police cadet to senator: Senator Mike Nofs realized his dream … with help from KCC”
  • “Learning to serve, serving to learn: Service learning helps KCC students connect with their communities”
  • And more!

The magazine was mailed to all residences in Calhoun County, but if you didn’t get yours or if you live outside the county you can find them at many businesses in the Battle Creek area, as well as in the newspaper racks on all Kellogg Community College campuses.

To view the publication online from wherever you are, visit kellogg.mycareerfocus.org.

Let us know what you think! Send email to socialmedia (at) kellogg.edu.