Healthy Choices group to plant Remembrance Garden Oct. 17

The Healthy Choices Leadership Organization at Kellogg Community College invites the college community to participate in their annual tulip planting in KCC’s Remembrance Garden starting at noon tomorrow, Wednesday, Oct. 17.

As noted on the plaque in the image above, the “Plant the Promise”  Remembrance Garden was first planted in the fall of 2009 within the plantings on the front steps at the top of KCC’s Circle Drive. According to the HCLO Facebook page, the garden is “dedicated to all those students who have pledged to be responsible and use moderation in the consumption of alcoholic beverages.”

The invitation to the planting on the HCLO Facebook page says the group has invited HCLO alumni and KCC administrators to attend the event, and that HCLO founder Nichole Way will be there to say a few words of dedication.

A campus club at KCC, the purpose of the HCLO  is to inform and educate the students of the college about healthy lifestyle choices, with a special emphasis issues related to alcohol, tobacco and drug use.

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