Voters say yes to KCC’s capital millage renewal

A public statement from Eric Greene, director of Public Information and Marketing at Kellogg Community College, in celebration of the public’s renewal of the College’s capital millage:

“We are sincerely grateful for the support of the voters and we are genuinely excited to continue making KCC’s buildings and technology more modern and efficient. At the College, our work of educating students is never done.

“The renewal of this millage, which we attribute to the strong partnerships we have with the communities we serve, will increase our capabilities as an institution and, in turn, enrich the opportunities for future students and the public.

“We are honored that the taxpayers who have helped build this college over the years are stepping up again with another hopeful statement – that a vibrant community college is vital to the future of this region. To the taxpayers, voters and all of our supporters, we say a heartfelt ‘Thank you!'”

From the Battle Creek Enquirer: “KCC building tax renewed”