Educators can earn continuing education credits at KCC

Photo courtesy of morgueFile user dhester.

Photo courtesy of morgueFile user dhester.

School teachers can now complete state-required continuing education courses through Kellogg Community College, thanks to recent approval by the Michigan Department of Education.

Statewide, educators who are required to maintain certain certifications must regularly complete a specific number of clock hours of in-service, workshop, training or conference credits. The state refers to such professional development as the State Continuing Education Clock Hour (SCECH) Program.

KCC’s Lifelong Learning program is offering more than a dozen SCECH options that allow teachers to earn credits online or in person. Courses at KCC cover a range of topics, from classroom discipline techniques to computer technology.

“When we realized that many of the classes we already offer in Lifelong Learning are great for area educators, we thought it just made sense to take the next step and make them eligible for SCECHs,” said Kim Andrews-Bingham, KCC’s SCECH coordinator. “We’re really happy with our initial offerings in the spring schedule and plan to increase availability of both face to face and online classes going forward.”

Meeting times and locations vary. Some classes meet weekly for six weeks while others are shorter in length. One of the classes consists of a $139 one-day bus trip to Chicago on March 9; the estimated six hours of travel time will be used to address the topic of student health and nutrition while the remainder of the day will be open for participants to enjoy leisure activities in Chicago.

For more information or to register for SCECH classes, contact Lifelong Learning at 269-965-4134.

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