KCC Nursing Program accepting applications for Spring 2014

The Nursing Program at Kellogg Community College has spots available for the part-time program beginning in Spring 2014.

The admission cycle for Spring 2014 closed in January, but KCC is reopening the admission window for a limited time and will accept applications between April 1 and July 1, 2013.

If you’re hoping to begin your nursing education next January in this reputable program at KCC, now is the time to get your application ready.

Meredith Stravers, director of Admissions at KCC, said this great news for students who may be finishing their admission requirements this semester for the Nursing Program.

“We are excited that more students will have an opportunity to apply,” Stravers said. “Seating is limited, so don’t hesitate in applying – and spread the word!”

The part-time program offers equivalent training to the full-time program, with classes in the part-time curriculum spread over seven semesters as opposed to the four semesters of the full-time program. Click here for a PDF highlighting the course sequence for each curriculum.

Please note: Admission to KCC’s nursing programs is selective due to space limitations, enrollment limitations imposed by regulatory bodies and program requirements. Please refer to the Nursing Program web page for descriptions of the programs and specific admission requirements. Also, the admission cycle for Spring 2014 will run concurrently with the admission cycle for the Fall 2014 and Spring 2015 programs.

Important details, deadlines

  • Any student who has met the admission requirements for the nursing program by July 1, 2013, will have the opportunity to apply to the spring program. Students will be required to turn in all application materials by the July 1 deadline.
  • Applications for the Nursing Program will be available only in the Admissions office. Because we are accepting applications for two different academic years at the same time, it is very important that students applying to Spring 2014 apply directly through Lisa Rench in Admissions. Contact Lisa by email, phone or in person at seladm@kellogg.edu or 269-965-4153, option 3. Students should not use the 2014-2015 application to apply for the Spring 2014 program.
  • Students are not able to apply to two different nursing programs at the same time.
  • Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) testing will be available from April to July to accommodate students who are interested in applying competitively. We will forward the dates and additional information to you as soon as possible. Students may contact Lisa Rench for TEAS testing dates.

At this point, there are no changes to the admission requirements for the Nursing Program, so we will continue to use the 2013-2014 checklist for students who are planning to apply to the Spring 2014 program.

For more information, contact Lisa Rench at seladm@kellogg.edu or 269-965-4153, option 3.