KCC is seeking student photos for a commencement slideshow

A photo from KCC's 2012 commencement ceremony.

A photo from KCC’s 2012 commencement ceremony.

Attention Kellogg Community College students: We’re compiling a slideshow featuring pictures of students to loop during this year’s commencement and we’d like your participation!

If you’re graduating and you’d like pictures of yourself and/or your friends to be included in the slideshow, please send them to Simon at socialmedia@kellogg.edu.

Some considerations:

1. Please send the files as jpg files

2. Close-up shots will work better, so please send pictures where the subject/s fill most of the frame

3. In the interest of context, KCC-related shots have a better chance of being included in the slideshow; shots taken on campus or during campus events and activities are particularly encouraged

4. No inappropriate content — nudity, inappropriate hand gestures, etc. — will be included

By submitting images, you are agreeing that you own the rights to display them and/or have permission from the photographer and subjects to do so. You are also agreeing to allow KCC the right to display the photos in the slideshow.

Additionally, KCC reserves the right to include or not include submitted photos in the slideshow, at the discretion of the Public Information and Marketing staff.

So dig through your photos from your time here at KCC and send us your best!