KCC Board approves service provider contract for CCHS

Calhoun Community High School graduates throw their caps in the air to celebrate following their commencement ceremony in 2013. Photo by Nick Garrison.

Kellogg Community College, Lakeview School District and the Battle Creek Area Learning Center today announced that a new educational services provider will be retained at Calhoun Community High School, an alternative education facility which serves approximately 170 students in the Battle Creek area.

Under a plan endorsed by all three partner organizations that ensures no disruption to students, CCHS will contract this summer with AccessPoint Educational HR, a well-respected company that provides staffing and financial management at charter schools across Michigan. The new arrangement will enable CCHS and its governing board to realize greater fiscal efficiency, direct more dollars to services that directly impact students and, as a result, continue improvement in student success.

Currently, KCC is the charter authorizer of CCHS, which is governed by the Battle Creek Area Learning Center and whose teachers and administrators have been provided by Lakeview as part of an educational services agreement. CCHS was created under this model in 2000 as a communitywide strategy to deliver alternative education to students from the Lakeview, Battle Creek, Harper Creek and Pennfield school districts. Since 2000, more than 800 students have earned high school diplomas from CCHS.

Over the past year, CCHS explored options for a new management structure with the goal of creating conditions for long-term sustainability. In recent months, CCHS issued a request for proposals and selected AccessPoint as its new service provider. As the charter authorizer, the KCC Board of Trustees today approved a formal request by CCHS to engage with AccessPoint.

Lakeview has expressed a desire to facilitate a smooth transition by temporarily providing consulting and reporting services at CCHS and to ensure that changes are seamless, operations are uninterrupted and educational needs continue to be met as AccessPoint assumes responsibility for CCHS human resources and financial functions.

Annette Chapman, chairperson of the BCALC Board of Education, said the value system of the BCALC Board is based on the provision of a high standard of education and learning environment for the students, staff and parents served by CCHS.

“Knowing that students do not all learn the same way, we are always embracing innovation and striving to improve our approach in meeting the needs of our students and community,” Chapman said. “The transition of the BCALC and its management approach is an endeavor to adapt to the ever-evolving education environment and ensure a strong foundation to support students in our community with alternative educational choices.”

Dave Peterson, superintendent of Lakeview School District, noted that his district is a proud community partner committed to the growth and prosperity of Battle Creek and all area students. Additionally, nearly half of the students at CCHS are Lakeview residents.

“For these reasons, we have a vested interest in the long-term success of the Battle Creek Area Learning Center and will do everything possible to support the school as it makes this transition,” Peterson said.

Mark O’Connell, president of KCC, reiterated that the College’s priority is making sure that local partnerships are optimized for student achievement.

“We’ve been working closely with the leadership of CCHS and Lakeview to develop a new model and we’re glad to be a part of the solution to achieve success,” O’Connell said.

In the above photo — shot by photographer Nick Garrison — CCHS graduates celebrate following their commencement ceremony in 2013.

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