KCC Stories: Radiography student Gregory Whitmer is a CT intern at Bronson

KCC Radiography student Gregory Whitmer.

Kellogg Community College Radiography Program student Gregory Whitmer has always had a desire to help people, specifically in the health field.

Whitmore, 24, started his college studies as a nursing student at another community college, but transferred to KCC to pursue different challenges in the health field.

“Radiography is a different outlet in the medical field that allows you to mentally challenge yourself, while still offering the fulfillment of helping people,” Whitmer said. “It takes a branch off of patient care and involves a more technical aspect.”

Whitmer decided to enroll in KCC’s Radiography Program because of its notable reputation and because it was closer to his home than other programs. He said he likes the field because it allows professionals a number of options to pursue professionally.

“Radiography is a really nice because there are many other options if you don’t want to just do X-ray,” he said. “Radiography is a great stepping stool to go into MRI, CT, interventional radiology, surgery. It opens up the fields for new medicine, ultrasound, you can become a RPA, which is the physician assistant version of radiography. There are just a ton of avenues with radiography.”

Whitmore has decided to focus on CT (computed tomography), which he said is more technical, mental-based and often involves work with trauma cases, which he enjoys. He currently works as a CT intern at Bronson in Kalamazoo, and plans to graduate from KCC’s Radiography Program in May.

“Anyone interested in the health care field should consider radiography,” Whitmer said. “It can be used as a stepping-stone for various avenues, or as a finite point in a career. It allows you to really enjoy helping others, and challenge yourself in a lot of different ways. It is a great opportunity, enjoyable and I don’t regret any of the things that I’ve learned. I find it personally fulfilling, fun and am glad I did it.”

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