KCC Stories: Union City sophomore Owen Needham wants to study zoology, creative writing

Union City High School sophomore Owen Needham.

By Emma Kurtz

Owen Needham, a 15-year-old sophomore at Union City High School, is striving to study for a degree in zoology to fulfill his passion of working with animals.

“I really like animals and I wanted to go into a job pertaining to animals, interacting with them, studying them,” Needham says.

Needham also plans on minoring in creative writing to help fulfill his goals of helping animals and raising awareness for preserving them.

“I want to minor in creative writing because I want to write books on animal preservation and their importance in the ecosystem,” he says.

Needham plans on attending Duke University, Cornell University or Western California University to earn his degrees after he graduates.

About the Author

Author and Pennfield High School sophomore Kurtz and her subject Needham were on campus Tuesday, March 20, to learn about writing and journalism as part of the Battle Creek College Access Network’s 2018 Sophomore Future Track event, which offers hands-on career exploration for area high school sophomores focused on a specific career or field of interest.