KCC Journalism Camp: Gabbi Calhoun wants to follow her dreams at the University of Alabama

A portrait of Journalism and News Writing Camp camper Gabbi Calhoun shot by fellow camper Nataleigh Peterson.

Editor’s note: The following profile was written by 13-year-old Pennfield Middle School eighth grader Nataleigh Peterson as part of Kellogg Community College’s Journalism and News Writing Camp, running July 23 through 26 on the College’s North Avenue campus in Battle Creek. Peterson also shot the above portrait of her profile subject Gabbi Calhoun during the camp.

By Nataleigh Peterson

Gabbi Calhoun has always wanted to go to University of Alabama, but is scared she might get lazy and not want to work or would just watch Netflix and play Fortnite.

Calhoun goes to Harper Creek Middle School, and has dreams of going to a very big college called the University of Alabama. Calhoun is scared of becoming lazy when she goes to college and also has worries about whether or not she’ll get accepted into college.

Calhoun has done lots of research on this college, so she knows the ranking of the school, chances of getting in and the school’s enrollment. She also looks up pros and cons about the school and even does research to make sure that the school is safe and she will get a good education there.

Calhoun also has done research on the degrees that they offer at the school. Calhoun wants to study corporate law. She researches the types of things that she would have to do in the corporate law degree program for one hour per day.

“Kids in the world, follow your dreams and get into a college that you research and know is a good college,” Calhoun said. “Research your degree to make sure they will take you with the degree you want.”

Calhoun wants the best for everybody in the world. She wants children to follow the dreams that they believe in and that they love. She also wants children to have a good education and to do what they know is right.

She wants children to know while you’re still little in fourth grade and higher, if you mess up one big time the college that you want can be ruined for your life. If you get so many detentions or suspensions or are disrespectful to teachers, even your own friends that you hang around can ruin your education and your ability to get into the college that you want.

“Do good in school and get a good education,” Calhoun said.

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