PTA alumna Casie Parker is a working professional passionate about her career

KCC PTA student Casie Parker.

Two years ago this month, Kellogg Community College profiled Physical Therapist Assistant student Casie Parker as part of the College’s ongoing KCC Stories series.

Parker graduated with Associate in Applied Science degree in PTA just months after our March 2017 profile, passed her national certification exam and was soon a licensed PTA. We caught up with her recently to find out what she’s been up to since her time here at KCC.

From Parker:

“I currently live in Portage and work at Physical Therapy One in Portage. It is an outpatient facility and I absolutely love it.

“I am very grateful for the time I had at KCC. It helped prepare me immensely with not only the professional aspect, but being able to have more confidence and always learning something new in addition to the curriculum we learned in the program. I am very thankful for the instructors preparing me the way they did. There are many times I come across a certain situation at work and recall our instructors mentioning it and preparing us the best we can.

“The check-offs we were required to pass through the program really helped prepare us because we were put on the spot and had to role play a realistic scenario. It helped us gather the appropriate information from the patient and properly assess the patient’s diagnosis and things to look for to help that person reach toward functional independence.

“I remember overthinking everything in school and now I am out in the field and it is natural because of the practice we had in the program. There are many things I am still learning in this field, but the foundation of the KCC program has been significant, and I am very grateful.”

Parker’s so passionate about her career in PTA that she’s traveling with fellow KCC PTA grad Lindsey Gould to Haiti in May to provide physical therapy to children for a week, assisting them with sensory and reflex integration treatment, educating families and helping fix equipment. Great work, Casie!

Pictured above, Parker poses for a photo in KCC’s PTA Lab during our 2017 photo shoot. 

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