KCC launches new “Make It KCC” ad campaign

Three "Make It KCC" campaign posters reading "Make It a Comeback," "Make It Fit" and "Make It Worth It," respectively.

Kellogg Community College this week officially launched a new advertising campaign that urges students to Make It KCC.”

The new campaign combines stark messages with eye-catching designs and sounds designed to attract attention in any environment, from social media platforms and smartphone apps to television spots and roadside billboards, said Eric Greene, KCC’s chief communications officer.

“The intention of our new ‘Make It KCC’ campaign is to broaden the public’s familiarity with KCC as a brand, inspire prospective students to engage with the College and encourage new and continuing students to use a KCC education as a way to advance in their education and in careers,” Greene said.

The new campaign, developed with the help of BluFish Consulting, a marketing agency in Marshall, replaces the former “It’s About” campaign, a storytelling-based strategy which the College had used for its primary advertising over the past three years.

The “Make It KCC” campaign prominently displays the KCC mascot, the Bruin, as a way of cultivating brand awareness and identity attachment. It also incorporates a variety of messages, such as “Make It Local,” “Make It Work” and “Make It Fit Perfectly,” that speak to prospective students’ aspirations. The campaign also adopts a minimalist design approach that promotes KCC brand recognition in an increasingly cluttered advertising landscape.

Advertisements associated with the “Make It KCC” campaign will be visible soon on social media platforms, websites, smartphone apps, print newspapers, print magazines, posters, handouts, digital displays, billboards, banners, television ads and radio ads. The College will explore additional ad opportunities as the campaign develops.

Samples of campaign advertisements can be found on KCC’s website at www.kellogg.edu/ad-campaigns. The College’s new “Make It KCC” campaign commercial, appearing on several television and online channels throughout the summer, can be viewed below or directly on YouTube at www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Sbj3gE9qjg.

Ad campaigns at KCC are managed by the College’s award-winning Public Information and Marketing Department, which provides in-house marketing, communications, graphic design and public relations services at the College. The PIM team includes Greene; Kathy Jarvie, Media Design manager; Cab Rininger, Media Design staff assistant; Simon Thalmann, digital marketing manager; June Lewis, Print and Document Services staff assistant; Mike Loader, Print and Document Services technician; Kristen Stolz, department secretary; and Andy Fitzpatrick, communications specialist.

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