KCC to offer five associate degree programs online starting this fall

Closeup of a laptop screen showing an image of college graduates, along with a diploma and commencement cap.

Starting this fall, Kellogg Community College students will have the opportunity to earn five associate degrees through KCC almost entirely online.

Online degree programs offered at KCC this fall include:

Students in each program will have the opportunity to complete all coursework entirely online for the duration of the program, with the exception of the fieldwork requirements that are part of the ECE Program. Additionally, select testing and exams must be proctored at a testing location approved by KCC.

KCC offers credentials via online coursework for other programs through Michigan Radiologic and Imaging Science (MiRIS) Consortium partnerships – including Associate in Applied Science degrees in Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Neurodiagnostic Technologist, and a Neurodiagnostic Technologist Certificate – but the new offerings are the first independently offered through KCC, outside of specific health care disciplines.

KCC’s Dean of Arts and Sciences Tonya Forbes said students have been increasingly enrolling in online courses at KCC, and expanding the College’s online offering of full degrees is a natural response to student preferences when it comes to technology and flexibility.

Additionally, these particular programs are some of the most robust and in-demand traditional academic programs offered at the College, and offering them online will create more opportunities for students interested in earning their degrees.

“Many of our students lead extremely busy lives,” Forbes said. “They have families, they work full time. Many have limited or no transportation. Offering these programs online will make degree completion more accessible to students who otherwise might not be able to complete college classes on campus.”

The online programs also come with increased access to support services for students, including advising, tutoring and other services, which will also be offered remotely. Online students will not have to visit campus to use such services, which will be offered via phone, online or video conferencing.

More information about each program offered, key department contacts, support services information and more can be found on KCC’s website at www.kellogg.edu.

Online classes at KCC are charged an additional fee of $35 per credit hour at registration, but otherwise the costs are the same for students pursing their degree via the online and traditional program tracks.

For information about how to apply to these online programs, contact KCC’s Admissions Office at 269-965-4153 or adm@kellogg.edu.

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