A letter to KCC from President Bennings

KCC President Dr. Adrien Bennings

Dear Kellogg Community College,

It seems that the last few months we’ve been dealt a heavy dose of uncertainty, unrest, and many unknowns. I feel like Dorothy in “The Wizard of Oz” but instead of lions, tigers, and bears, it’s “Pandemic, Politics, Racism. Oh My!”

For the past week, I’ve watched the spectrum of events unfolding across our nation. Most recently, the death of George Floyd has brought about tears, frustrations, anger, confusion, and anguish for many. It has been difficult to separate myself as I, too, am Black. I am a momma and I have brothers, cousins, fathers, sisters, nieces, nephews, and grandparents who are Black.

George Floyd’s death has brought to the forefront the awakening of our nation to the pandemic of racism and social injustice.

Kellogg Community College is in a prime position to effect positive change through education. A quote by Nelson Mandela states, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” It stretches our minds beyond our beliefs and experiences, and becomes an empowering force in developing self-awareness and conscious understanding and appreciation for diverse perspectives.

In 2018, the KCC Board of Trustees adopted the following Equity Statement:

At Kellogg Community College, we are committed to creating an inclusive environment where we foster respect for others and our differences, support cultural understanding, demonstrate ethical behavior and champion social justice. We will accomplish this by:

  • Deepening our understanding of diversity, equity and inclusion through learning, engagement with others and personal reflection;
  • Valuing the lived experiences and perspectives of others while nurturing and understanding the differences between us;
  • Rejecting all forms of prejudice, discrimination and racism; and
  • Advancing integrity, justice and civility among and between us.

2020 will no doubt become one of the most memorable periods of time in our nation’s history. When you look back, what will you see? I see 2020 as the year of clarity, recognizing that, without change, without collective action, without resolution, we are bound to perpetuate the cycles of inequality and social and racial disparities.

As we move forward, Kellogg Community College will fervently strive for:

Engagement and
Active community collaborations through
Critical dialogue, shared experiences, and
Education to enrich the lives of others.

We stand in solidarity for PEACE.

Simply human,

Dr. B