Tips for a successful community college transfer experience

An illustration of two people facing each other, one with gears in their head and a ruler and the other with a paint palette in their head and a paint brush.

Editor’s note: The following is a portion of an article by KCC journalism student Jacqueline Gallegos titled “Community colleges offer advantages for students looking to transfer,” originally published on KCC’s student news website The Bruin News. Click through the linked headline to read the article in full.

Kellogg Community College Director of Admissions Marko Delic suggests the following steps toward a successful transfer experience:

  1. Connect with the KCC Career and Employment Services office to take skills and personality assessments.
  2. Discuss with KCC Career Services the results of those assessments and how they align with you initial program interest.
  3. Meet with Academic Advising to discuss academic programs aligning with previous findings, as well as opportunities for transfer.
  4. Research programs and institutions that offer a bachelor’s degree (or higher) in your desired program.
  5. Connect with the institution’s (or multiple institutions’) transfer office/academic advisors to discuss your program of interest, transferring courses early.
  6. Repeat the steps above as necessary throughout your time at KCC.

One helpful resource for transfer students is the Michigan Transfer Network website at, which allows visitors to compare course equivalencies among various colleges and universities within the state of Michigan.

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