JOUR 112: News Writing begins Feb. 1, fulfills gen ed and MTA requirements and transfers to more than two dozen schools

Stock illustration of a person typing on a laptop with various journalism tools around them, like a camera, newspaper, tape recorder, etc.

Students interested in writing and journalism will have the opportunity to get hands-on experience as reporters for The Bruin News this semester in Kellogg Community College’s JOUR 112: News Writing class starting Feb. 1.

The 3-credit class is offered in an asynchronous online format through May 10.

Why take JOUR 112: News Writing this semester? According to instructor Simon Thalmann:

  • It starts later than most spring classes — on Feb. 1 — so students have extra time to prepare.
  • It’s online and “asynchronous,” meaning you don’t have to be in a certain place at a certain time to complete your work (as long as you turn it in by the due dates).
  • Some assignments will be published in The Bruin News, KCC’s student news platform, which is not only good experience but will look good on resumes and college applications in the future.
  • The class fulfills one of the two class requirements from the Effective Communication category of General Education/Applied Core classes required to earn an associate degree at KCC.
  • The class is among the classes that can be used to fulfill requirements in the Communications category of the Michigan Transfer Agreement.
  • The class transfers to more than two dozen colleges and universities in Michigan, including Western Michigan University, the top transfer destination for KCC students.

That last point is particularly important for students interesting in transferring and studying journalism in the future, Thalmann said, as it means they could save a significant amount of money by taking the class at KCC before transferring.

Click here for a list of colleges and universities in Michigan JOUR 112 will transfer to.

Thalmann said grades will be based mostly on a mix of short quizzes and story assignments, the latter of which will give each student a number of clips with which to demonstrate their skills in the field going forward. There will also be opportunities to do additional work through The Bruin News outside of class for students who are interested.

“Students in this class will learn the basics of journalism and, through consistent hands-on learning and practice, significantly improve their writing and communication skills,” Thalmann said. “The goal is for our students to finish the class equipped with the confidence and experience necessary to pursue continuing education in the journalism field or even entry-level internships.”

Thalmann is a former online editor for MLive and a former Kalamazoo Gazette reporter who works as the digital marketing manager in the Public Information and Marketing Department at KCC, where he writes press releases and other content for the College, manages the KCC Daily blog and runs the College’s main social media channels. He also oversees the College’s search and social media advertising; serves as the College’s official photographer; advises the student staff of The Bruin News; is creator and writer of the College’s award-winning “Blaze Goes to College” children’s book series; and is co-founder and coordinator of Bruin Boo, KCC’s annual Halloween/trick-or-treating event for families.

For more information about JOUR 112: News Writing, contact Thalmann at 269-303-0298 or at For information about signing up for spring semester classes, the first of which begin Jan. 19, visit