Start an associate degree in Accounting or Business Management at KCC this summer

A student works on a computer in a KCC computer lab.

Two of Kellogg Community College’s most popular associate degree programs — Accounting and Business Management — are among the five associate degree programs at KCC that can be completed entirely online, and the College is offering several classes in each discipline this summer.

KCC Business professor Kimberly Montney said the College is offering almost the entire schedule of classes this summer for anyone interested in starting a business or accounting degree at KCC.

“Please check with an advisor today and get yourself started, and before you know it you will be on to bigger and better things,” Montney said. “This summer all of our classes are online, but beginning in the fall you can start taking some face-to-face and/or hybrid courses in our program as well.”

Students new to the programs this summer should start with BUAD 101: Introduction to Business and/or ACCO 101: General Accounting, Montney said. Examples of other program classes offered this summer at KCC include:

  • Business Law, through which students will learn important legal concepts and terminology to navigate the business world as a businessperson and a consumer
  • Personal Finance, through which students will master skills and knowledge to grow and protect their finances and financial future
  • Principles of Marketing, through which students will create their own products
  • Human Resources Management, through which students will think about a new place of employment and what they have to offer

Click here for a full list of accounting classes offered at KCC this summer.

Click here for a full list of business administration classes offered at KCC this summer.

“We are offering pretty much the entire program this summer and it does transfer,” Montney said. “Come get started today and/or continue what you have been doing and you will be on to graduation before you know it!”

Summer Registration

Information about signing up for Summer 2021 classes at Kellogg Community College can be found online at

The first Summer 2021 classes start May 17, and the semester ends Aug. 5. Students are encouraged to sign up for classes as early as possible because space is limited and many classes fill up by the start of the semester.

Students new to KCC must fill out an application and verify residency before signing up for classes. Admissions applications can be completed online at

Those who wish to meet with an academic advisor prior to registering are encouraged to schedule an appointment online at or by calling 269-965-4124 or emailing