KCC Concert Band seeking musicians for fall semester concert season

Student musicians play instruments on a slide that reads, "Join Concert & Jazz Band. More information kellogg.edu/music or email Dr. Gerald Case-Blanchard at case-blanchardg@kellogg.edu."

After a hiatus of a year and a half due to COVID-19, the Kellogg Community College Concert Band will return this fall and is seeking new musicians to bolster its musical ranks.

Concert Band Director Laura Bandlow said the focus of this semester will be on refreshing the group’s musical skills and returning to live music.

“The COVID shutdown in March of 2020 occurred one day after our March dress rehearsal, canceling our Irish music themed March 2020 concert and bringing our Spring 2020 semester to a screeching halt,” Bandlow said. “As a result, some of our musicians have not played much over the last year and it will take some time to redevelop our skills and our sense of ensemble playing. However, we are all looking forward to being back together and sharing our talents with each other and our audiences once again.”

Two Concert Band concerts are tentatively scheduled for the fall semester, including a Halloween-themed concert Oct. 23 and a Christmas-themed concert Dec. 5.

Rehearsals will be held from 6 to 9 p.m. Tuesdays from Sept. 28 through Dec. 14, though participants are expected to practice outside of rehearsal time to ensure maximum benefit from each rehearsal.

Concert Band participants should register for the band through the standard registration process via the College’s Bruin Portal. The band is designated course MUSI 160: Concert Band in the registration system; the course is worth one college credit and can be repeated for up to four total credit hours.

Details about the registration process are on the KCC website at kellogg.edu/registration.

For more information about Concert Band or other music opportunities at KCC, contact Dr. Gerald Case-Blanchard, director of Vocal Arts at KCC and coordinator of the College’s music programming, at case-blanchardg@kellogg.edu or 269-565-7859 or visit kellogg.edu/music.

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