Dual-enrollment Q&A: Lakeview senior Alexa Morey

Alexa Morey

By high school graduation, 17-year-old Lakeview High School senior Alexa Morey will have earned an estimated 27 to 30 college credits at Kellogg Community College. That’s thanks to high-school dual-enrollment opportunities that allow high school students to take college classes at KCC for credit while still in high school.

Below, Morey answers some questions about her dual-enrollment experience and offers advice for future dual-enrolled high school students.

What classes are you currently taking at KCC?

I am currently taking Basic Concepts in Social Work, Positive Relationships with Families, and Intro to Substance Abuse.

What is your major or goal for after KCC? What career do you want to go into?

My major is going to be social work, and my goal is to get into a four-year school and possibly double major with childhood education. I would like to be a social worker with children, perhaps in the foster care system, but I would also enjoy working in the classroom environment.

Why did you decide to dual-enroll at KCC while in high school?

I decided to dual-enroll because I knew what I wanted to do and I just wanted to get started and get a feel for college early on, and to also get more rigorous work to push me to be better. It also felt good to just get a start on what I wanted to do and it helped me expand my knowledge and heart for the field.

What has been your favorite class at KCC and why?

My favorite class at KCC was Behavior Modification because it was interesting to learn about behaviors and habits that have a big impact on people’s everyday lives. I also learned how I can help people break their bad habits and/or behaviors. We put the practice in from the curriculum by changing a behavior from ourselves and I decided to change my road rage because it was so bad. To see myself put in the work of changing and the curriculum applying right to the project plan just showed me that it is possible to be a person that can modify behaviors.

What’s the most interesting thing you’ve learned at KCC?

The most interesting thing I learned at KCC was in my Substance Abuse class. We learned about how cell receptors can interact with nicotine and caffeine in the brain. It was interesting to see how nicotine and caffeine affect the brain because today it seems to be that people vape or smoke and drink energy drinks. Nicotine and caffeine slow down the memory process and cognitive thinking.

What advice do you have for future dual-enrolled high school students?

My advice for those dual-enrolling in the future would be to just do it. Take the challenge, don’t be nervous. Also don’t be afraid to take classes that have no relations whatsoever because then you can experiment and see what you like and find yourself doing. But if you know what you want to do and you don’t think it is going to change, begin taking classes as it saves you so much time and money.

Spring semester classes at KCC begin Jan. 18High school students interested in dual-enrolling at KCC this winter and spring should contact their high school counselor today for more information.