KCC Department Feature: Counseling Services

A KCC counselor assists a student.

The following content is from the Kellogg Community College Admission’s Office monthly Counselor Newsletter. To join the newsletter mailing list, email kotowskij@kellogg.edu.

Kellogg Community College is committed to student success in and out of the classroom. To that end, the College offers several counseling options to help students maintain and enhance their mental, emotional, academic and physical health during their studies at KCC.

KCC is proud to offer a number of counseling services to students in a variety of areas, including the following.

Academic Counseling

Academic counseling may include helping students develop or improve time management skills, learn more effective strategies for managing test anxiety, and develop other academic strategies designed to enhance student success. Referrals may also be made to other College departments such as the Center for Student Success to help with academic support and assistance for specific classes.

Career Counseling

Career counseling is available for those who may be unsure of their educational and career goals. Career exploration includes self-assessment, research and developing career goals and objectives.

Disability Counseling

Disability counseling is available to assist persons with a documented disability in accessing campus supports. While ensuring the academic integrity of its programs, the College is dedicated to providing reasonable accommodations needed to ensure equal access to educational opportunities for individuals with verified disabilities.

Personal Counseling

Personal counseling is available to assist students in achieving a balance between school, work and home. KCC offers limited short-term consultation and referral services for those requiring longer or more intensive support. Please note we are unable to provide 24-hour crisis counseling. For 24-hour support and psychiatric or medication services, see the resources on our Emergency Community Services page. If you are in need of these services, KCC counselors can assist you in finding the support you need in your community.

More information about each of these services can be found on the Counseling Services website.