Dual enrollment Q&A: Lakeview senior Kate Nosis

Kate Nosis

By high school graduation, 17-year-old Lakeview High School senior Kate Nosis will have earned 25 college credits at Kellogg Community College. That’s thanks to high school dual enrollment opportunities that allow high school students to take college classes at KCC for credit while still in high school.

Below, Nosis answers some questions about her dual enrollment experience and offers advice for future dual enrolled high school students. Note: This interview was conducted during the Fall 2022 semester.

What classes are you currently taking at KCC?

I am currently in English 151, Anatomy and Sociology. This upcoming semester I am taking Practical Algebra and Physiology.

What is your major or goal for after KCC? What career do you want to go into?

My goal is to be able to go straight into working in a hospital after KCC. I want to be a Registered Nurse.

Why did you decide to dual enroll at KCC while in high school?

I chose to dual enroll while in high school because I wanted to obtain my degree as quickly as possible. I know what I want to do as my job after I graduate, so getting ahead of the game to get into it faster seemed like the right thing to do instead of taking classes that bore me at Lakeview just to fill credit spots. Plus, I am saving myself a decent amount of money that I don’t have to spend later when I become a full-time college student.

What has been your favorite class at KCC and why?

I really love anatomy! Getting to know all the different pieces in your body, whether that be big or small, is very interesting to me. It is a very fun class, and professor Kathy Mann makes it incredibly easy to take online.

What’s the most interesting thing you’ve learned at KCC?

The most interesting thing I have learned at KCC is honestly probably about the college experience. In high school, they make college sound like it is going to be the death of you. If I have learned anything about it through this experience, it’s that your professors are very encouraging, they are very good about checking in with you, and if something happens they are typically very forgiving and helpful about due dates and helping you through different situations.

What advice do you have for future dual enrolled high school students?

My advice to future dual enrollment students is if you know what kind of career path you want to take, use it as a starting point. Take as many beneficial classes as you can for your future career to get ahead of the game early. Colleges like having committed people, so if you already have some of it started and have background knowledge you will stand out more over other individuals. Plus, you get really good instruction. It’s also something good to do if you are unsure about going for a certain degree. If you take a class for a specific degree and you absolutely hate it, you aren’t wasting a whole year of your after high school education on something you aren’t even pursuing.

The first spring semester classes at KCC begin Jan. 17High school students interested in dual enrolling at KCC this winter and spring should contact their high school counselor today for more information.