HVACR student Romie Mullen: “It’s an excellent program”

Romie Mullen

Romie Mullen, 54, of Battle Creek, is a Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration student at the College’s Regional Manufacturing Technology Center campus in Battle Creek.

Mullen, who’s taken courses at KCC on and off since 2002, is a former carpenter’s apprentice who works in maintenance. He started the HVACR Program in May.

“It’s an excellent program that they offer here,” Mullen said. “The instructors are very targeted on the stuff that they’re preparing you for in the field, and they know how to break it down and put it in layman’s terms for you. I’m really happy with what I’m learning here.”

Mullen said he plans to earn an Associate of Applied Science in HVACR degree at KCC, as the field “is wide open” for HVAC technicians looking for work.

“I absolutely want to get the degree,” he said, “and I want to start my own business and bring more younger men into the trades.”

Industrial Trades programs offered at KCC include:

  • Industrial Electricity and Electronics
  • Industrial HVACR
  • Industrial Machining Technology
  • Industrial Pipefitting
  • Industrial Technology
  • Industrial Welding
  • Maintenance Technician
  • Renewable Energy

Learn more at kellogg.edu/industrial.

This article first appeared in the December 2022 Annual Report edition of BruIN magazine. To read the issue online visit kellogg.edu/bruinmagazine.