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It’s an election year and politics are everywhere (even more so than usual) in the ramp up to November’s general election. There’s no better time than now to brush up on your political knowledge.

The below Political Science courses are offered this summer at KCC. All the courses are three-credit courses offered online for students with busy schedules, and are taught by Political Science professor Jonathan Williams. For more information, contact Professor Williams at or visit

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POSC 201: American Government (Federal)

This course is designed to empower the student by offering an understanding of the federal system of their American government, how it works and where students might inject themselves into the process to gain better control over their government. Heavy emphasis is placed upon the U.S. Constitution and the limits placed upon the government by it and the protections afforded to the citizens through this historic legal document. In addition to the federal government, this course covers the form and functions of our state government and of counties, cities and villages and incorporates the rights and responsibilities of citizenship. Practical applications to medicine, law and business will be made.

Course Learning Outcomes:

  1. Explain how cultural, social and/or economic perspectives relate to being a citizen of the United States in the context of a global community.
  2. Identify the persons representing their interests.
  3. Interpret the policy process.
  4. Apply the policy process to the branches of their government.
  5. Evaluate their ability to effectuate change locally, nationally and/or globally via their rights as a citizen.

POSC 210: Introductory Comparative Politics

This course is a comparative study of the political systems, ideologies and institutions of selected European, Latin American, Asian and African states. In this course, we will give special attention to the dynamics of political change (including contemporary “transition to democracy”) and their relationship to economic and social development.

Course Learning Outcomes:

  1. Explain comparative politics as a discipline of political science.
  2. Analyze the universal interests shared by all political units.
  3. Interpret the policy process as applied by varying foreign governments and the United States.
  4. Identify the entities of the various governments studied that carry out the universal steps of the policy process.
  5. Evaluate the effectiveness of the various governments studied in relation to the impact upon the lives of the body politic.

POSC 211: International Relations

An introduction to international politics and those forces which produce conflict and cooperation. Attention is given to the international political process with regard to economics, diplomacy, military power, international law and the role of an international organization.

Course Learning Outcomes:

  1. Assess international relations as a discipline of political science.
  2. Analyze the universal interests shared by all political units.
  3. Apply the knowledge of history and resource allocation to relationships of international communities
  4. Identify one’s role in shaping positive and/or negative relationships between world governments.

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