KCC softball roundup: March 31 and April 1, 2012

Kellogg Community College’s softball team played four games this past weekend, playing a double header against Lansing Community College on Saturday and another double header against Jackson Community College on Sunday.

The Bruins split their games with LCC 0-4 and 9-7 and lost both to Jackson 3-13 and 1-3. Below are some Bruins highlights.

Vs. Lansing Community College, March 31, 2012

In game one (0-4), sophomore outfielder Elizabeth Damron, freshman infielder Tiffani Allwardt and freshman pitcher Ashley Burrit led the team on offense, each going one-for-three at bat. Sophomore outfielder Ashley Nearpass was one-for-two at bat, including a double. Sophomore pitcher Kristin Van Oosten led from the mound on defense, with seven strikeouts in five innings.

In game two (9-7), Damron and Allwardt each went two-for-three with two RBIs apiece, and Allwardt had a double. Freshman outfielder Sarah Hendrickson hit a home run, bringing in three runs, while sophomore pitcher Mercedies Angus hit two-for-four and freshman outfielder MacKenzie Kendall hit one-for-two, racking up an RBI. Burrit pitched six innings and struck out one, while Angus scored a save pitching one inning and striking out three.

Vs. Jackson Community College, April 1, 2012

In game one (3-13), Allwardt hit two-for-three, including two triples and an RBI. Hendrickson and Burrit each hit one-for-three, while Burrit racked up an RBI. Sophomore catcher/infielder Emily Butts hit two-for-two and Damron hit one-for-two.

In game two (1-3), Burrit hit two-for-four, including a double, while freshman pitcher Tara Harding was one-for-three with one RBI.  Angus led from the mound with three strikeouts in six innings.

For more information about the softball program at Kellogg Community College, visit www.kellogg.edu/athletics/softball/index.html.

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