Robert Shields, Jr., on his role as Sgt. Trotter in ‘The Mousetrap’

Robert Shields, Jr., will play the role of Detective Sgt. Trotter in Kellogg Community College’s fall production of Agatha Christie’s classic murder-mystery “The Mousetrap,” which will run Oct. 18-21 in the Binda Theatre on KCC’s North Avenue campus.

Shields, 21, is a current Kellogg Community College student studying liberal arts and public history. Below he discusses his role in “The Mousetrap” in what is the third of our interviews with the cast, which we’re rolling out in the days leading up to opening night.

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The KCC Daily: Tell us about your role. What drew you to your character?

Robert Shields: Trotter is a cop who is there to investigate an ongoing murder case. He has something very Sherlock Holmesian about him that I rather enjoy.

KCC: What are some of the roles you played in the past and how is your current role different or similar? Are there aspects of this role that are particularly challenging as compared to your previous roles?

RS: I’ve played minor roles at a couple of the Ren Faires in the area and there it’s mostly improvisation, while this role is totally scripted outside of the physicality. The thing that is difficult about the role of Trotter, to me, is when he gets brutish in commanding the others on stage. That’s not something I do well because I’m laid back.

KCC: What about this performing in this role are you particularly excited or nervous about?

RS: I’m excited because of the nature of the play and I’m not currently nervous but I’m sure if you ask me in a week I’ll say otherwise.

KCC: Who or what influences or motivates you in this role? In your acting in general?

RS: My influence for the role of Trotter has to be Sherlock Holmes, while for my acting in general it would have to be my family, who encouraged me from a young age.

KCC: What should people know before seeing this play? What can people do before seeing this play that you feel might enhance their experience?

RS: People should know that this is going to be a great production and it’s going to be quite a ride. I would suggest putting on your best detective caps and seeing if you can figure it out before Trotter by amping up on mystery novels or crime shows.

“The Mousetrap” will play at 7:30 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 18, through Saturday, Oct. 20, and at 3 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 21. Tickets are $5 for students and senior citizens and $10 for members of the general public. They will be available at the door or can be reserved by calling 269-965-4154.

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