KCC club to host ‘Mock-tail Tiki Bar’ to promote healthy choices

KCC President Dr. Dennis Bona plants a tulip in the HCLO’s Remembrance Garden in October.

The public is invited to enjoy non-alcoholic holiday beverages at a “Mock-tail Tiki Bar” from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 6, in the Atrium Lobby of the Roll Health and Administration Building on the North Avenue campus of Kellogg Community College.

The event, which promotes safe, sound decision-making, is co-hosted by the student-run Healthy Choices Leadership Organization at KCC and the Battle Creek-based Substance Abuse Council.

The “Mock-tail Tiki Bar” is open to students and members of the public who want to drink and learn how to make alcohol-free cocktails, complete tasks while wearing inebriation goggles and learn how to be social without the use of substances such as alcohol or drugs.

“We hope people will join us at the Mock-tail Tiki Bar and see that having a good time over the holidays doesn’t have to involve excessive drinking and irresponsible decisions,” said Natala Mohl, a counselor at KCC and advisor to the HCLO.

For more information about the “Mock-tail Tiki Bar” event, contact Mohl at 269-965-3931 ext. 2647 or at mohlt@kellogg.edu.