KCC launches Accelerated Learning Program

This fall, Kellogg Community College is introducing the Accelerated Learning Program, a modern classroom approach that advances students through a pair of English courses – “Writing Improvement” and “Freshman Composition” – in one semester.

The voluntary program is designed for students whose skills and test scores place them into the transitional “Writing Improvement” class but who are motivated to advance through that course as well as “Freshman Composition” in the same semester. ALP is based on a model developed at the Community College of Baltimore County in Baltimore, Md.

“The Accelerated Learning Program is innovative because it identifies motivated students who, for whatever reason, need some transitional help as they become better writers,” said Judy Reed, manager of Academic Support at KCC. “The program helps those students advance quickly into college-level coursework and stay on track in their education.”

Once in the program, students take “Writing Improvement” (TSEN 95) and “Freshman Composition” (ENGL 151) as companion courses with the same instructor. ALP students attend ENGL 151 classes each week and learn to write expository prose alongside non-ALP students. They meet immediately afterward as a smaller group in TSEN 95 to work on basic writing skills.

KCC will pilot four ALP sections in the fall semester thanks to funding provided via the Michigan Community College Association, which received a grant from the Kresge Foundation, a private organization based in Troy. Students are selected for ALP by advisers and faculty who identify them based on their test scores, interest in writing and motivation to advance quickly through the coursework. Students interested in ALP are encouraged to schedule an appointment soon with an academic adviser at KCC. The fall semester begins Aug. 29.

For more information, contact Judy Reed at reedj@kellogg.edu.

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