Audition results for KCC’s Opera/Musical Theatre Workshop

Auditions for Kellogg Community College’s Opera/Musical Theatre Workshop were held the last two last weeks, and the cast list was announced Thursday in Kellogg Choirs blog post.

“It is with much joy that I announce the results of our opera auditions,” said Gerald Blanchard, director of the Vocal Arts area at KCC. “But first allow me to say thank you to everyone who came out and shared their musical talents with us. The presentations this year were outstanding and I look forward to working with those whom I have selected.”

Here are the audition results, which includes a number of names that may be familiar to those who’ve been following KCC choir productions over the past few semesters:


  • Amanda Adams (soprano)
  • Anastasia Miller (soprano)
  • Madeline Schnorr (soprano)


  • Janis Emery (soprano)
  • Amanda Irwin (mezzo-soprano)
  • Sydney King (soprano)
  • Kayla McCarthy (mezzo-soprano)
  • DeQuan Perry, Jr. (tenor)


  • Brittney Burrows (alto)
  • Kristin Clary (alto)
  • Chelsea Cravens (soprano)
  • Janis Emery (soprano)
  • Courtney Grant (soprano)
  • Tess Hensel (soprano)
  • Amanda Irwin (alto)
  • Allison LaRochelle (soprano)
  • William Leininger (bass)
  • Kayla McCarthy (alto)
  • Joel McGlothen (bass)
  • DeQuan Perry, Jr. (tenor)
  • Nancy Pifer (soprano)
  • Eric Rifenburgh (bass)
  • Miguel Rivera (tenor)
  • Katy Schurig (soprano)
  • Aaron Stamp (bass)
  • Rebekah Taden (tenor)
  • Andrew Yerby (tenor)

Specific scenes and roles will be posted on the bulletin board outside of the choir room and on the board just outside of Blanchard’s office door on Monday afternoon in the Davidson Visual and Performing Arts Center on KCC’s North Avenue campus in Battle Creek.

For more information, including a rehearsal schedule view the PDF online at

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