EAC keeps it fun for students with contests, prize drawings

A photo of teddy bears set out for a giveaway at KCC's Eastern Academic Center in Albion

By Marilyn Hogan
Secretary, KCC’s Eastern Academic Center

Sometimes it seems that our students simply walk into the building at the beginning of class and then right back out as soon as class is over. It is very easy at smaller regional centers for the students to not feel a part of the College. So with the help from donated items from the Easten Academic Center, Kellogg Community College’s Public Infromation and Marketing Department and Student Life, we are trying to set up some contests and drawings this semester to liven things up and engage our students.

Our first drawing on Valentine’s Day was for three first-place prizes of backpacks filled with snacks and class supplies. We had nine second-place prizes, awarding ice-scrapers, car air fresheners and flashlights. We also currently have an Adopt-A-Bear contest ending the first of March: there are seven small, stuffed Bruin bears for students to name and adopt! We will also have a drawing on St. Patrick’s Day for KCC lunch bags full of chips and snacks and T-shirts, with second place prizes of chip-bag clips and snacks. For April Fool’s Day, there’s a drawing for Frisbees and Silly Putty to play with over Spring Break.

The EAC will have a drawing twice a month to make school fun and to hit a variety of interests in prizes. We had enthusiastic participation for the Valentine’s drawing, and the Adopt-A-Bear contest has quite a few entries already and a lot of discussion on good names for Bruin bears.

The goal of this program is to allow students to feel more connected to the College. We also want to let the students know that we appreciate their choosing KCC and the Eastern Academic Center!

KCC’s Eastern Academic Center is located at 14055 26 Mile Road in Albion. For more information about the center, visit www.kellogg.edu/regional/eac