Adjunct instructors sought to teach college courses at KCC

A stock photo of students listening to an instructor in class.

Do you have expertise in your field and a passion for teaching at the college level? If so, you may be the right fit as an adjunct instructor at Kellogg Community College, where talented people from diverse fields draw on their experiences as professionals to teach others.

KCC hires adjunct instructors on a continual basis as course offerings evolve to meet the needs of today’s students. If you have the gifts of talent and experience and a drive to educate others, we’d love for you to extend those gifts to our eager KCC students. Help them blaze their own trails to success.

Currently, KCC is looking for qualified adjunct instructors to teach:

  • Freshman Composition (ENGL 151 and ENGL 152). Successful candidates will have a master’s degree in English and experience teaching composition, preferably in a community college environment.
  • Transitional Studies English and Reading. Successful candidates will have at least a bachelor’s degree in English, reading or a related field and experience teaching in a community college environment.

Positions start as early as September 2014!

To learn more about being an adjunct instructor at KCC or to submit an application, contact Barbara Sudeikis, Chair of Arts and Communication at KCC, at or 269-565-7976.