Welcome back, students! It’s a great semester to be a Bruin!

A view of the reflecting pools on KCC's North Avenue campus in the spring.

Welcome back, students! Whether you’re an experienced alumni or a brand new student, it’s another great semester to be a Bruin at Kellogg Community College.

We have several fun events, activities and initiatives happening on and off campus this year in addition to the great instruction provided by our faculty. The College’s new Center for Diversity and Innovation is open in downtown Battle Creek, the newly renovated Binda Theatre will open this semester, the women’s volleyball team’s 2014 season — which offers free admission to all home games — kicked off this week and there’s an updated Pocket Prof and Student Handbook available for free to all students, just to name a few.

Speaking of updated, the paint is still fresh on KCC’s brand new website, which launched last spring. Take it for a spin and learn more about all we have going on at KCC this semester, like music and theatre events, or visit the library online and check out the great resources they provide for each student.

KCC is also active on social media. Our major offerings include:

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For answers to questions about KCC’s website, social media channels or this blog, contact Simon at thalmanns@kellogg.edu. For questions about specific KCC departments or offices, visit us at www.kellogg.edu and contact the appropriate person.

Students: Please let us know if you need anything this semester. We’re here to help you succeed! You can do it!

Blaze your trail, Bruins!

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