Michigan community colleges launch Michigan Colleges Online

A female student works on a laptop in the Student Center.

Michigan’s community colleges, including Kellogg Community College, proudly announce the official launch of Michigan Colleges Online (MCO): www.micollegesonline.org.

The MCO, under the umbrella of the Michigan Community College Association (MCCA), greatly expand access to online learning by allowing students to take courses at any of the 28 Michigan community colleges. In addition to receiving support services from their home college, with no interruption in financial aid, all credits earned via the MCO transfer back to the student’s home college. University students may also benefit from the MCO to access community college courses to help them along their academic path.

Dr. Daniel Phelan, President of Jackson College and Chair of the MCO Advisory Board, added “Michigan Colleges Online represents the next generation in distance education delivery. It provides immediate access to high quality higher education courses and incorporates intuitive technologies that not only facilitates enrollment, but also enhances the overall learning experience for our students.”

The State of Michigan provided the essential funding support for the construction of the MCO. Governor Rick Snyder and the Legislature recommended a $1.1 million appropriation in 2013 for community colleges to make Michigan Colleges Online a reality. According to Senator Darwin Booher, “as chair of the Senate Appropriation’s Subcommittee that recommends funding for our community colleges, I was happy to support this relatively small investment in technology that will be extremely beneficial to thousands of students all across the State. It’s another great example of how efficiently our community colleges continue to meet the needs of their students and communities.”

Representative Paul Muxlow, chair of the House Community Colleges Appropriations Subcommittee, echoed Senator Booher’s comments, “our State’s community colleges have always been nimble and responsive to local needs. I was glad to support this investment to allow our colleges to make the necessary improvements in technology to serve those students who are increasingly choosing an online format to get their education.”

Michael Hansen, President of the MCCA, highlighted the wisdom of the Governor and Legislature in supporting the creation of the MCO: “In the last century, investing in community college infrastructure meant bricks and mortar. This century, it’s about investing in technology.” Ronda Edwards, the Executive Director of the MCO, added that “Michigan’s community colleges have collaborated since 1999 in the sharing of online courses and students. The investment from the State has allowed us to build a new and enhanced infrastructure to provide easier access and more options for students.”

About the MCCA

The Michigan Community College Association (MCCA) provides leadership and advocacy on issues affecting the 28 member community colleges. Since 1914, community colleges have striven to provide affordable and quality higher education and workforce development to Michigan residents. For more information, please visit the MCCA website: www.mcca.org.

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