New drop policy for KCC courses creates more flexibility for student planning

A class full of students listens to an instructor.

Good news for Kellogg Community College students who change their schedules at the last minute: A new course dropping policy has been enacted for the Fall 2016 semester that removes the $5 drop fee for students who drop a class between the start of the class and the official course drop date.

Additionally, we’ve put a uniform drop date in place of Friday, Sept. 9, for all semester-long classes running 13 to 15 weeks that start before Sept. 8, which applies to the vast majority of fall classes.

To summarize:

  • For all Fall 2016 classes starting before Sept. 8 and meeting for 13 to 15 weeks during the semester, the last day to drop for a full refund is Friday, Sept. 9
  • No drop fees will be charged for any course dropped between the start of the class and the course drop date

To find the the drop date for classes starting after Sept. 9 or not meeting for the full the duration of the semester, see your course schedule.

For more information about KCC’s new course drop policy, contact KCC’s Business office at 269-965-4140.