Sign up for POSC 201: American Government (Federal) this fall at KCC

Want to get a handle on U.S. politics in the run-up to this year’s presidential election? Just need a refresher? Get your politics fix in professor Jonathan Williams’ POSC 201: American Government (Federal) class this fall at Kellogg Community College.

The three-credit course is offered in Battle Creek in on-campus classroom and hybrid options Aug. 29 through Dec. 12 and in an online option Sept. 6 through Dec. 12.

Here is the full course description as it appears in the Political Science (POSC) section of KCC’s current Academic Catalog:

“This course is designed to empower the student by offering an understanding of the federal system of their American Government, how it works, and where students might inject themselves into the process to gain better control over their government. Heavy emphasis is placed upon the U.S. Constitution and the limits placed upon the government by it and the protections afforded to the citizens through this historic legal document. In addition to the federal government, this course covers the form and funcitons of our state government and of counties, cities and villages and incorporates  the rights and responsibilities of citizenship. Practical applications to medicine, law and business will be made.”

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