Here’s a list of music classes offered at KCC this spring

Closeup shot of two hands playing the keyboard of a piano.

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Whether you’re a seasoned performer who loves to sing in front of a crowd or a novice musician who loves music but has never tried to play a note, there’s a music course for you at Kellogg Community College this spring. From individualized lessons in voice, piano and other instruments to opportunities to sing and perform with a group as part of one of KCC’s many bands and choirs, here’s a list of music classes and opportunities offered at KCC during the spring semester:

  • MUSI 100: Fundamentals of Music
  • MUSI 104: Community Chorus
  • MUSI 105: Kellogg Singers
  • MUSI 109: Concentus Vocal Ensemble
  • MUSI 112: Individualized Voice Lessons 1
  • MUSI 113: Individualized Voice Lessons 2
  • MUSI 114: Individualized Voice Lessons 3
  • MUSI 115: Individualized Voice Lessons 4
  • MUSI 120: Beginning Piano Class
  • MUSI 122: Individualized Piano Lessons 1
  • MUSI 123: Individualized Piano Lessons 2
  • MUSI 124: Individualized Piano Lessons 3
  • MUSI 125: Individualized Piano Lessons 4
  • MUSI 131: Music Theory 2
  • MUSI 134: Aural Comprehension/Music Reading 2
  • MUSI 135: Individualized Instrumental Lessons 1
  • MUSI 136: Individualized Instrumental Lessons 2
  • MUSI 137: Individualized Instrumental Lessons 3
  • MUSI 138: Individualized Instrumental Lessons 4
  • MUSI 141: Fundamentals of Music for Teaching
  • MUSI 160: Concert Band
  • MUSI 161: Jazz Band
  • MUSI 211: Music Appreciation
  • MUSI 250: Music History 1

Continuing Education Art Classes

Several music classes at KCC are also offered for continuing education units (CEUs) and not for academic credit. Continuing education music classes offered at KCC this spring — designated by the “C” before the course section number — include:

  • MUSI C104: Community Chorus
  • MUSI C105: Kellogg Singers
  • MUSI C109: Concentus Vocal Ensemble
  • MUSI C112: Individualized Lessons (Voice)
  • MUSI C120: Introduction to Piano
  • MUSI C122: Individualized Lessons (Piano)
  • MUSI C130: Individualized Lessons (Instrumental)
  • MUSI C160: Concert Band
  • MUSI C161: Jazz Band

For more information about any of the classes listed above, visit and click on “Class Schedules” at the top of the page. Select “Spring Semester 2017” from the “Semester” menu and “Music” from the “Subjects” menu, then click “SUBMIT” to see the list of art classes offered at KCC this spring. For detailed information about a specific class, simply click on the course title.

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